TYLT RUGGD iPhone 5C Case - Black / Grey

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The TYLT RUGGD iPhone 5C Case is a rugged iPhone 5C case designed for your lifestyle.  The RUGGD protects with shock absorbent cushions insde and a tougher outer shell to provide dual protection.  The most protection of the TYLT RUGGD comes where it is needed most with triple enforced corners.  Not only do the corners look great but this design allows for added drop protection.  

No expense was spared in selecting the materials for the RUGGD composition. It's engineered with a premium vulcanized copolymer (yes it's real, and no, we didn't make it up. GoogleTMit!), which is used primarily in spacecraft and jet planes.

Structually and aesthetically designed for the active user
Hard outer shell with premium energy-absorbing inner layer
Engineered with premium vulcanized copolymer as used in spacecraft


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