Speck FabShell Case for iPhone 4 / 4S - Tartan Plaid Blue

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Custom patterns, extra protection and a super-slim fit are what make this iPhone 4S case so "fab.” The fresh fabric patterns let you personalize the look of your phone and give it a fabulous tactile grip in-hand. But it’s not just a fashion accessory; it’s unexpectedly protective! It’s got a hard-shell back and reinforced sides, with shock-absorbing rubbery edges, press-thru button covers, and raised screen bezel, so you’re totally covered if your phone takes a fall.


  • Fits all iPhone 4S and 4!
  • Flexible, fabric-wrapped and fashion-forward
  • Provides super protection and a slim, no-bulk fit
  • Co-molded construction combines hard plastic plus soft rubber accents
  • Raised rubbery screen bezel and press-thru button covers


iPhone 4 (16/32GB)
iPhone 4S (16/32/64GB)