Speck CandyShell Grip Case for iPod touch (4th gen) - Dark Black

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It's CandyShell Grip for the win! Speck's first iPod touch case specifically for gaming, it's got soft, rubbery protection on the inside and a glossy hard shell. It's also got specialized, grippy finger pads on the back to give you a winning grip even in the heat of a bonus round. Plus, the four bumps on the edge bezel lock in thumb placement on the iPod touch 4th generation screen so you won't lose track of your virtual buttons.

  • Patent-pending one-piece iPod touch 4th generation case with glossy hard exterior
  • Ridged rubbery finger pads offer steady grip, whether for games or just on the dashboard
  • Shaped edge bezel keeps thumb positioning stable on virtual touchscreen controls
  • Rubberized interior for shock absorption