Sena Argyle Genuine Leather iPhone 4 / 4S Pouch - Black/Orange

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Made famous by Scottish Highlanders in the 17th century, argyle makes a classic designer statement. Offered in various colors of classic leather and embroidery, the Sena Argyle iPhone 4 Pouch is perfect for a chic classic styles. This iPhone 4 case has light rigid protection, shock-absorbent padding and a soft velvet lining in a simple slim design.

The Sena Argyle iPhone 4 Pouch features an innovative elastic pull strap system for easy release of device. This designer iPhone case is individually handcrafted from the finest Italian Napa leather with Sena's well-known quality and strong attention to detail. The Arglye’s designer patterned pouch style with maximum protection is the perfect choice for a customer who prefers a balance of function and fashion.

  • Hand-crafted from the finest quality full grain, Italian leather
  • Embroidered argyle designer pattern featured in color variations
  • Firm durable protective pouch design
  • Shock-absorbent padded construction
  • Innovative elastic pull strap system for easy release of device
  • Soft velvet lining with light protective layer
  • Sena craftsmanship and quality


iPhone 4S 
iPhone 4 (AT&T,Verizon,Sprint)