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Rokform RokLock V3 Case for iPad 4 and iPad 3 comes with an integrated mounting system that provides the ability to mount the new iPad or iPad 2 just about anywhere. Not only is the RokLock v3 handy, it also offers maximum protection. Engineered from reinforced high impact polycarbonate and coupled with RokGard screen protector, it's one of the most protective cases on the market today.


  • High impact protective frame, Protection from slippery surfaces with 6 integrated non-slip grips,
  • Includes Remote Mounting System for handsfree convenience,
  • Includes RokGard Screen Protector, Compatible with optional magnet kit for additional handsfree option,
  • Designed, engineered and made in the USA


iPad 2 (16/32/64GB)
iPad 3 (16/32/64GB)
iPad 4 (16/32/64GB)