Moshi VersaKeyboard iPad Air Case - Black

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The Moshi VersaKeyboard iPad Air case is our pick for best iPad Air keyboard case.  We like that this case is lighter, more accessible, easier to type and looks better than other iPad Air Keyboard cases. Moshi has taken one of our favorite iPad Air cases and added a keyboard.  When not typing the Moshi Versakeyboard slides tightly into the back of the case.  Your case will still sit flat behind and at times you may even forget the keyboard is there.

iPad Air keyboard cases can be quite heavy but the Moshi VersaKeyboard only weighs 12.5 ounces which is as light as many normal folio iPad Air cases.  In comparison, the competing Zagg keyboard cases weighs in at 18.5 ounces. We also like that the Moshi VersaKeyboard is the length of the entire iPad Air which makes for much easier typing.  The front of the Moshi VerskeyBoard folds into landscape, portrait and typing angles.  It has sleep wake function and there is a magnet on the back that locks the front flap of the VersaKeyboard back behind.

  • Detachable VersaKeyboard comes charged with months of battery life
  • Origami folding cover stands in landscape, portrait and typing modes
  • Lighter than competing keyboard cases
  • Front and back protection
  • Auto sleep wake function
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