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Moshi Versacover for iPad Air - Navy

by Moshi

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The Navy Moshi Versacover for iPad Air is our favorite iPad Air case.  Most of us here at outfitYOURS.com use Versacover on our iPad Air or iPad mini Retina. This iPad Air case is the slimmest iPad Air case on the market to have both portrait, landscape and typing viewing angles.  This is made possible with the origami folding design that enables a slim design while still folding into all angle options. Not only does the Versacover provide great functionality but this case also protects the back of your iPad. With the transparent polycarbonate your iPad shows through and looks caseless but is protected from scratches and shocks.  This back part of the case also includes a magnet that allows you to fold the front of the case back behind and secured while in use.  The Moshi Versacover for iPad Air 2 is now also available so be sure to know which device you are needing to cover. 

  • Works perfectly with Moshi XT screen protector 
  • Unique origami folding cover doubles as a stand.
  • Three viewing angles support video, web, and typing modes.
  • Complete front and backside iPad protection in a sleek, minimalist form factor.
  • Supports iPad's auto-wake/sleep function.
  • Easy access to all iPad buttons and cameras.
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