Moshi Versacover for iPad Air 2 - Almond Tan

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Moshi Versacover for iPad Air 2 - Orange Tan is our pick for best iPad Air 2 case and most of use here at choose to use it.  This is the slimmest iPad Air 2 case to have portrait, landscape and typing views. The Moshi Versacover for iPad Air 2 origami design folds up to create these secure viewing angles.  When not in use this cover sits flat and protects the front screen.  For hand held use the front cover tucks behind and locks in place with a magnet to avoid the front cover flapping around. Sleep / wake functionality allows your iPad to automatically turn on when opened and turn off when closed.  The translucent back of Moshi Versacover for iPad Air 2 protects against scratches and drops while showing off iPad Air 2.  Moshi Versacover for iPad Air 2 comes in several different colors and ships with free expedited shipping!

  • Works perfectly with Moshi iVisor screen protector
  • Unique origami folding cover doubles as a stand.
  • Three viewing angles support video, web, and typing modes.
  • Complete front and backside iPad protection in a sleek, minimalist form factor.
  • Supports iPad's auto-wake/sleep function.
  • Easy access to all iPad buttons and cameras. 
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