Moshi USB to Micro USB Cable (3 m)

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Moshi USB to Micro USB Cable (3 m) is a 10 foot Micro USB Cable. Power will never be out of reach again with Moshi’s 3-meter USB to Micro USB charging cable. With 10 ft of cable, you’ll never have to wonder where to plug things in. Relax on the couch and charge your phone without having to put it down. Keep your kids happy on the road by sharing power in the front to charge their devices all the way in the back. Both ends of the cable are encased in aluminum to minimize electromagnetic interference and ensure durability long after you’ve moved on to your next device. Use with Moshi’s Rewind wall charger or Revolt car charger for convenient power at home, in the office, or in the car.

  • Extends to a useful length of 3 meters (10 ft).
  • Charge and sync your Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.
  • Compatible with digital cameras, speakers, recorders, and all other USB devices.
  • Encased in aluminum and shielded to reduce electromagnetic interference.
  • Durable and long-lasting to accommodate several device lifetimes.


Android/ Windows smartphones and tablets