Moshi Ultra Thin Active USB 3.0 Extension Cable

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Equipped with the latest signal-amplifying circuitry, this ultra-thin active cable extends the reach of any USB-connected device by 3 meters (10 feet) while also supporting extremely fast USB 3.0 data transfer speeds. Unlike traditional passive USB cables, this cable features embedded microchips to ensure end-to-end signal integrity. This also allows for a significant reduction in cable weight and size, making cable runs simple and easy to manage, an added benefit for those interested in tethered DSLR shooting. It is also backwards-compatible with the USB 2.0 standard for plugging in other peripherals such as your keyboard, mouse, or flash drive.

  • Encased in aluminum and shielded to minimize EMI for fast and reliable data transfer.
  • Supports high speed tethered shooting in RAW format with the latest USB 3.0 equipped DSLRs.
  • Embedded microchips support USB 3.0 SuperSpeed transfer speeds up to 5 Gpbs.
  • 100% plug-n-play, no external power adapter or additional software drivers necessary.
  • Light and flexible cabling means less stress on your equipment's USB port.