Moshi Thunderbolt Cable

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Utilizing the latest technology from Intel, Moshi's Thunderbolt Cable enables both video and data to be transferred over a single cable at unprecedented speeds. With two bi-directional channels of 10 Gbps each, use this cable to setup an external RAID backup or link two Thunderbolt-equipped Mac computers via Target Disk Mode. Thunderbolt also transmits video which allows you to use your iMac as an external display for your MacBook computer.

  • Transfers data between Thunderbolt peripherals and your Mac* at speeds up to 10 Gbps.
  • Equipped with the latest Intel Thunderbolt IC for seamless compatibility and solid reliability.
  • Individually-shielded signal wires minimize crosstalk and EM interference.
  • *Please check your Mac's model identifier before purchase to confirm Thunderbolt compatibility.