Moshi SenseCover iPhone 5S Case - Black

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The black Moshi SenseCover for iPhone 5S is the first of its kind with the a touch sensitive front cover that protects both the front and back of your phone.  We like the Moshi SensCover because it protects the front and back of your iPhone 5S while still being able to take phone calls.  The front of your Sensecover is embeed with SensArray pads which allows for uninhibited phone calls while keeping the front covered. Made of a hybrid leatherette, the Moshi SenseCover looks and feels great in the hand with out too much slip or grip. The small cutout in the front cover also allows easy access to check date and time, answer / reject phone calls and to swipe off alarms.  All of this can be done without ever opening up your front cover.   If you like a case that protects the screen but prefer easy phone call functionality, we recommend the Moshi Sensecover.  

  • Strong poycarbonate hardshell rear protection
  • Leatherette front cover
  • Easy access to check date / time, answer / reject calls and turn off alarms while keeping front cover closed
  • Magnets keep cover closed or secured behind while using screen
  • Easy access to all buttons and ports


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