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Moshi iGlaze Pro 15 R Hardshell Case for 15" MacBook Pro Retina - Translucent

by Moshi

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Designed for owners who prefer minimalist protection, Moshi's iGlaze Pro 15 R perfectly complements and protects your MacBook Pro 15 with Retina display. The precision-tooled polycarbonate hardshell case is thin, lightweight, and extremely durable. It also has a unique micro-clip design for easy installation and removal. iGlaze Pro 15 R is surface-treated with a specialized coating that not only offers better scratch resistance, but also accentuates the device's elegant design. The two-piece construction can be installed or removed in seconds and is 100% compatible with Moshi's full line of protection for MacBook Pro with Retina display.

  • Ultra-slim, lightweight, and durable protection for your Retina MacBook Pro 15.
  • Micro-clip design for easy installation and removal.
  • Specialized coating for enhanced scratch protection.
  • Raised rubber feet and an unobstructed vent for better heat dissipation.
  • Full access to all ports and the MagSafe connector.


MacBook Pro 15 Retina (including late 2013 model)

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Product Reviews

  1. Perfect case

    Posted by on

    I ordered this product a week after purchasing my first MacBook Pro 15" Retina. I was looking for a case that wouldn't take away from the look and feel of the MBP but offer scratch protection from transporting it to and from school everyday. This case snapped together in less than 30 seconds and you can hardly tell it's on. I have received many compliments about how smooth and perfect the fit is to the computer. Many people didn't even know there was a case on it until they saw the small Moshi logo on the top left corner. This case is fantastic and I have recommended it to my colleagues. Apple could not have made the case better themselves. The price point was a little steep but once I saw and felt the quality I was sure I made the right purchase.

  • Initially excited.

    Posted by on

    I ordered this case after reading tons of online reviews and finally purchased through outfityours.com. I lord the case for about two months, and even kept my laptop in a protective bag when not in use, but one day I took out my macbook pro and the Moshi iGlaze case corner had chipped off the front. I was so bummed. I paid about $70 for this case and it only lasted 2 months. Too late to return it so I kept using it, but now I have to purchase yet another case. Hoping to find another case soon. I might just be very unlucky. Hope this helps.

  • Terrific Case & Service

    Posted by on

    The case arrived SO fast. It snapped on easily according to the diagram. It's gotten a few scratches on it in these last few months, I'm glad I have it to protect my macbook!

  • One of my best purchaces

    Posted by on

    Apple could not have designed better themselves, if they tried. The case fits my Mac-book Pro 15" Retina like a glove.

    After a while, you don't even notice it there since it fits so well.

    I recommend this case to anyone looking for a quality product.

  • Awesome Case

    Posted by on

    This is the best case I could find for the MBPR to date and it is fantastic. The case material is very nice and scratch resistant. The rubber pads on the base are quality. It stays on pretty well without scratching the computer. The case gives me a lot more confidence when in use, in transport, or when someone else is using it. The best part is how sleek it's design is. My friends weren't even aware there was a case until I mentioned it. Outfityours shipping is suburb. I highly recommend this case along with a sleeve.

  • Clips not holding in place

    Posted by on

    I am pretty disappointed with this product. I ordered the Moshi iGlaze specifically because it was the recommended case for the Macbook Pro Retina. I was going to order Speck, but the video review convinced me that Moshi would be better because it's more scratch resistant. However, when I tried ataching the bottom cover on my retina, the two front clips (near the groove that helps you open the lid of the macbook) would not stay in place. it has become somewhat of an annoyance because every time I open the lid of my macbook I get concerned about the bottom popping off. I've tried several ways of putting the bottom cover on and it still won't stay put. At first I thought that it was because I had applied the Moshi palmguard protector, which made the sides too thick for the clip to securely attach. However, when I removed the Moshi palmguard, the clips still would not stay in place. Anyways, I'm willing to give Moshi the benifit of the doubt and say that maybe their cases are good after all and only this particular one that I got was defective. Still, for costing me $64.95 (more expensive than Speck), I expected better. I don't think I can even return this case because I already threw away the original packaging. I'm also quite paranoid about my Macbook being scratched since I am such a clutz, so I wouldn't dare taking it off until I get a replacement somewhere. To be clear, I do not think OutfitYours is a bad seller. I really do appreciate their service especially because they are one of the very few retailers who ship to Guam for free. Despite this bad experience, I would still recommend OutfitYours to my friends and would shop here again.

  • Great Product!

    Posted by on

    Fits perfectly, barely noticeable, and extremely light weight. Couldn't ask for a better cover!

  • sleek, durable, low profile

    Posted by on

    I originally purchased another less expensive case which didn't fit correctly and didn't feel great to the touch (a little slick). Outfityours was great in handling that return. After reading reviews of the Moshi case, I was sold. This case feels great to the touch – soft, silky, and a little rubbery which helps with the grip. I feel more secure carrying the MBPR around with this cover on. It's worth the extra money. Very importantly, it doesn't add much bulk to the MBPR.

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