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Moshi iGlaze Armour for iPhone 5 Review (04:05)
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Moshi iGlaze Armour for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black

by Moshi

SKU: 99MO061002

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Clad your new iPhone in lustrous elegance with Moshi's iGlaze Armour for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5. Combining a diamond-cut aluminum backplate and a resilient polycarbonate frame, iGlaze Armour protects your iPhone from scratches and shocks while giving it a unique metallic finish. While inside the case, all of iPhone's buttons and cameras are easily accessible and unobstructed. Keep your iPhone flawless and sophisticated with Moshi's iGlaze Armour hardshell case.


  • Works perfectly with the Moshi iVisor XT Screen Protector
  • Slim profile protection with a diamond-cut aluminum backplate.
  • All buttons remain easily accessible while resting in iGlaze Armour.
  • Includes a backside buffer film for extra protection against dust and debris.
iPhone 5S
iPhone 5

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Product Reviews

  1. Nice and thin

    Posted by Jackie on 23rd Nov 2013

    I love this cover, it is strong and sturdy, and does not add bulk to the phone to make it bigger or thicker. Just a big worried that if if falls, it won't be enough protection to save it from breaking or cracking. But if you want a cover that is thin and streamline, this is the one!

  2. Moshi iGlaze Armour

    Posted by Stephen on 18th Jun 2013

    Hi Everyone. I am very particular about which case to put my iphone 5 in and let me share my thoughts and purchases. I have always looked for a case that would balance the protection that is offered to the Iphone 5 with the capacity to retain the sleek look of the phone and not take away from the aesthetics of the iphone 5. I got my Iphone 5 on its release date last September and went through a few inexpensive snap on cases and eventually ended up looking for a bit more protection. I looked at Otterbox and a few others and eventually decided on the Switcheasy Tones case. While I was not crazy about the feel of the plastic case, It offers decent protection. It covers all the buttons with the exception of the mute switch. The case makes the buttons a bit harder to push. It does have a lip that allows you to place the phone screen down. So i had my iphone 5 in the Switcheasy case for a number of months but lately had been feeling that the case took away from the look of the phone. I contemplated using no case but in the end decided to purchase the Moshi iglaze Armour case for the phone.

    The Moshi Iglaze Armour is a snap on case that that retains the look of the iphone 5 more than any other case I have tried. It is extremely attractive with the Aluminum finish on the the back of the case and the design which mimics the iphone 5. I really like the fact that you can see the apple in the rear of the phone. The case comes with a buffer rear screen protector that is applied before you insert the phone in the case. All buttons are accessible. I had forgotten how smooth the buttons feel when pushed directly vs having a case cover them. In addition, with the top and bottom of the phone open,, the headphone jack, charger, and the top on/off are easier to push. The case just looks terrific. i cant comment on some owners criticisms that the sides of the case peeled as i have only had the case for a short time but have had no issues. So far, the back has not scratched but again i have not had it on the phone for a long time.

    Does the Moshi Iglaze Armour offer as much protection as cases that cover all the buttons as well as provide a lip so the phone can be placed screen down? No, other cases do a better job with that but they cant match the look that the phone has with the Moshi Armour case on. It seems like the phone was designed for a case like this . You get complete accessibility to all buttons and at times it does not look that you even have a case on the phone. Moshi did a great job designing a very attractive and functional case that matches well with the iphone 5. You feel like you are holding your phone directly vs a phone in a case. I like that feeling and I also like the look of the iphone 5 in this case. I would highly recommend it to iphone 5 owners who want some protection for their phone but also want to preserve the natural feel of using a case and not having it intrude upon your enjoyment of your iphone 5.

  3. Love the thin design

    Posted by Beth on 5th Jun 2013

    I love this case. It's thin and sleek and let's me plug in the adaptor without removing the case. It keeps the cool look of the phone instead of the big bulk I had with prior cases.

  4. Elegant...

    Posted by Grace on 11th Apr 2013

    Beautiful case. I was looking for a thin case for my new iPhone5 that didn't change the slim look of the phone. I recommend this case to anyone who is looking for a thin, elegant case.

  5. Looks like something Apple would make

    Posted by Curtis on 5th Mar 2013

    I have been using this case for the last few months and love it. It is not the most protective but I use the Moshi screen protector as well which with the case keeps me from getting scratches and looks nice. Best looking iphone case I have ever had.