Moshi Clarus Premium Dual Driver Earbuds with Mic

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Moshi Clarus Premium Dual Driver Earbuds with Mic is designed for aural connoisseurs who demand absolute clarity in music reproduction, Clarus by Moshi Audio revives music that otherwise sounds dull when played through ordinary earphones.  Clarus is able to deliver this exquisite acoustic experience through its proprietary DynaDuo™ drivers with a precision-tuned passive crossover network. Listen to your favorite music, whether it's jazz, rock, classical, or acoustic music, your discerning ears will be able to discover every nuance that has eluded them throughout the years.

Total Immersion

Moshi Clarus is equipped with DynaDuo™, which consists of two dynamic drivers that enable a wide frequency response with pristine sound reproduction. Typical IEMs require complete seal-off of ear canals to achieve meaningful bass response.  Clarus manages to circumvent this problem by utilizing a dedicated woofer with sound guide to deliver robust low frequency sound into your ears.  What really sets Clarus apart however, is its dedicated high frequency driver, which has been acoustically engineered to render airy transparency.  The passive crossover has also been optimized for exceptional uniformity.  The end result is an immersive listening experience with enhanced transparency and accurate sound imaging.

Designed Ergonomics

The earpieces are designed to rest on the cusp of the ear canals, not inside of them, thereby eliminating ear fatigue.  The soft ear loops comfortably hook over the ears so that Clarus stay securely in place even when you're on the move.  Clarus also comes with various  sizes of earpieces for both comfort and optimized bass response.

  • Equipped with DynaDuo™  two-way drivers to provide extraordinary dynamic range.
  • Precision-tuned crossover delivers sonic uniformity and total immersion.
  • Steel alloy construction ensures absolute purity without distortion.
  • Braided ultra-light weight OFC cable with3-button controls with mic. 
  • Custom carrying case with cable management.