mophie powerstand for iPad with lightning connector

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The mophie powerstand for ipad with lightning connector is the ultimate home for your iPad.  Featuring aluminum construction, multi-axis technology and 180° rotational viewing, the powerstand allows you to view your iPad at virtually any angle.Watch movies, write emails and play games. The powerstand incorporates a multi-axis design that allows nearly infinite angles for viewing movies, reading books, using FaceTime or typing emails and even functions as a camera stand for the iPad’s rear facing camera!

The dual-hinge design adapts to any height while the included power adapter allows you to plug in and power your iPad anytime. Watch movies or get some work done without ever having to worry about your battery running low.To top it off, the powerstand integrates lighted mophie logos that serve as power indicators on stand base.

  • Lock positon
  • Adjustable Axis
  • Power Adapter
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Sustainable materials
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