mophie juice pack power station - Pink

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The mophie juice pack powerstation was engineered to provide super high-output charging with an unmatched capacity for its size. This impressive external battery has charging output of up to 2.1 amps, the powerstation can handle virtually all of your power-hungry USB devices. The powerstation has brains, beauty and brawn - everything you've ever wanted from a travel companion. So travel with just one mobile battery charger to handle all your needs - - the powerstation! mophie juice pack powerstation is now available in red, green, pink, blue, black, white, orange and purple. 

       Power Up
Powerful 4000 mAh device that is compatible with just about anything.

Advanced Battery Cell
High-density, high-output battery charges at speeds of up to 2 amps. 
Thats 4 times faster than traditional USB batteries!

Power Satisfaction

Capable of charging the power hungry iPad, smartphones, tablets 
and other large USB-powered devices.

LED indicator
Check the fuel tank with the 4 LED charge status indicator - 
always know before you go!

Charging Cycles
Rechargeable for over 500 cycles (that's great and that's 
full cycles, partials don't count. go ahead, top it off.)

Safety First
Built-in short circuit, overcharge and temperature protection. 
mophie's got your back.


All iPad models
All iPhone models
All iPod models
All USB Android smartphones