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mophie juice pack dock for juice pack iPhone 5s / 5 cases



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mophie juice pack dock is the easy on contact dock that charges your mophie juice pack battery case and your iPhone at the same time.  With dual pogo pins at the bottom dont worry about any cable connection just drop your iPhone in and start charging.  Once your mophie juice pack and iPhone are charged, easily remove your iPhone from mophie juice pack dock with one hand and you are good to go.  With a solid build and design you can still FaceTime and use all of your iPhone features while it charges on mophie juice pack dock.

  • Quick and easy on contact charging
  • Dual pogo pins automatically begin charging
  • Allows for full iPhone functionality while docked
  • Solid build allows for one hand removal from dock
  • Made to work with iPhone 5S / 5 mophie juice pack cases


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