mophie juice pack air for iPhone 5S / 5 - black

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The black mophie juice pack air for iPhone 5S is one of the best iPhone 5S battery case on the markert.  We at personally use this case and are amazed at the addtional battery power particularly with the slimness of the case  The mophie juice pack air is lighter and thinner than previous generations while also being packed with more power.  With a flip of the switch, you can double the power of your iPhone 5S. 

With the updates to the iPhone 5S, the mophie juice pack air has also been redesigned with an outer band and smooth finish that provides a comfortable feel while also maintaining durability.  With integrated pass through buttons and a mute switch you are able to charge now or save the battery power for later.  The mophie juice pack air comes with a micro-USB cable which allows you to charge both the iPhone 5 and the case. 

  • 8 additonal hours of talk time
  • 40 additional hours of audio playback
  • Lighter and thinner than previous juice pack air
  • Soft touch finish
  • Protective bezel
  • Works great with Mohsi iVisor XT Screen Protector
iPhone 5S
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