Just Mobile TENC Crystal Clear Case for iPhone X

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The iPhone is the emperor of smartphones – and this super-slim case is The Emperor’s New Clothes (TENC™), giving you regal protection while revealing the iPhone in all its naked glory. Combining a crystal-clear hardshell back with shockproof thermoplastic sides, TENC™ is specifically designed to protect glass-backed iPhones – offering all-round protection from bumps, scrapes and dust. And TENC’s second-generation patented self-healing coating ensures faster recovery from scratches to keep your iPhone looking majestic. 

  • Unique design that balances clarify and protection. Advanced two-tone hard & soft molded composite materials.
  • Crystal-clear hardshell Polycarbonate (PC) providing rigid structural support. Soft thermoplastic (TPU) side frame is shockproof and easy to put on and remove.
  • Signature patented self-healing coating from Germany restore unsightly casual scratches.
  • Covered bottom and side buttons, protecting against bumps, scrapes and dusts.