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Just Mobile AluBolt™ is the high-design dock for Apple iPhone and iPad Mini. With its stylish curved backrest and sprung Lightning connector, AluBolt™ is designed to allow total control of your docked device - even if it’s in a case.

The iconic AluBolt™ is finished in high-grade aluminum and features an integrated USB cable to keep your precious device charged, synched and ready to use – whenever desire strikes.

  • Made for iPhone certified
  • High-quality aluminium construction
  • Fully sprung Lightning connector
  • Lightning-to-USB cable built in
  • Compatible with iPhones with Lightning Connector and iPad mini 


iPad mini Retina Oct 2013
iPad Air Oct 2013
iPad mini 1G Nov 2012
iPhone 5c Sep 2013
iPhone 5s Sep 2013
iPhone 5 Sep 2012