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Incipio Atlas Waterproof Case for iPhone 5 Review (03:19)
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Incipio ATLAS Waterproof iPhone 5S* / 5 Case - Dark Gray

by Incipio

SKU: IPH-926

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The Incipio ATLAS for iPhone 5S* is one of the most protective iPhone 5 cases you will find. The Incipio ATLAS has multiple layers of defense provide protection against water, dirt, and drops. Engineered with a co-molded Plextonium™ hard-shell frame and Flex2O™material detailing, and featuring water-resistant enclosures, the ATLAS™ case is ready for adventure!

  • Covers device & case from accidental water damage for one year (US Residents only)
  • ATLAS™ case warranties are insured by Wesco Insurance Company
  • Limit one warranty claim per case
  • 4 colors available
  • Ultra-rugged design
  • WaterproofDrop & Shockproof
  • Dust proof
  • Tempered glass front
  • Full access to all ports and controls


iPhone 5S*
iPhone 5


* This case will not work with the fingerprint ID as the home button is covered.  Due to the new LED flash, there may be minor ghosting of images.  For perfect flash capabilities in a similar style of waterproof case we recommend the Griffin Survivor + Catalyst.   



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Product Reviews

  1. Silver Medal Winner

    Posted by Rick Palatino on 8th Oct 2013

    Incipio Atlas is ALL that it is advertised to be and is upheld with a warrantee that not only covers their product but also the iPhone itself from damage due to case failure.

    First, the points of perfection. The case is tight, made of dense materials, and has a conservative rugged style. As of today I have yet to drop it into any body of water but it has been to many an outdoor event in the rain and we now have some of those pictures of soggy team sport action as well as my attempts to walk the rapids while trout fishing that previously were not possible. I can now participate in any activity without the fear of missing those critical calls from family or business.
    The Incipio Atlas has a glass screen cover layer that makes for a crystal clear view of the iPhone's screen making screen touch controls almost identical to not being in a case at all. I really appreciate having no air bubbles or rainbow effect found on the thin poly membranes used by many of the competitors’ products. All iPhone button functions work well with the exception of the mute switch but I feel, this is the result of putting the functional engineering of waterproofing and durability as a first objective. Access to the charging port and audio/mic jack are from swinging open an access door that is connected via a rubberized live hinge. (which means the parts stay with the unit and don't get lost)For foul weather you can open the access door, swing open the water tight audio jack plug, shut the door and insert the provided triple O-ring adapter thus allowing for headsets etc. with continued waterproof protection. This case is as appropriate in business environments as well as the majority of outdoor activities.

    The two negatives: It was like a cruel joke that the instructions of how to assemble/disassemble the case are INSIDE of the fully assembled unit. I was sure I was going to break it in my attempts to open it. I was ready to send it back when I went on to the OutfitYours.com web site to open a support case with them only to find they had an on-line video which hit on my issue for this case. The second issue was as mentioned above, the mute switch. First even after reading the instructions, doing a proper assembly of the case around the mute switch is not a simple task. (the secret is to move the switch as close to a middle position as possible before attaching the case)Then even after you get the case on properly, the former
    push up/down now becomes more like a light switch now it is a rocker switch with a pivot point. So where the iPhone needs the switch in a down position to be in mute, you actually pull the case button up. (which due to the pivot is pushing the iPhone's switch down. This is not only counter intuitive but it is also quite stiff. (but works)

    Finally the options that would bring this to gold medal status for me. First, if there is no way to incorporate a belt clip, then they need to produce or make reference to where one might find a belt holster it fits in. Second, a built in lanyard hole/eyelet for attaching it to self or other equipment so it frees up your hands. And last but not least floatation device. I am going to purchase a Lifeproof floatation device for open water activities. (not sure if it will fit yet) What good is dropping your waterproof iPhone in shallow water if you can't find or get to it?

    Final point, I am sick of seeing advertisement of cases that allow you to do the insane. Driving over your iPhone with your Hummer,tossing it off the 23rd floor balcony, using it as a football, or dive and retrieve game for the kids local swim spot are NOT the goals of ANY case. Why would any intelligent person use a high dollar multifunction electronic device as a toy? The Incipio Atlas does the BEST protection against ALL elements of outdoor activity, normal wear, tear, and accidents encountered. (extream abuse not included)