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Incase Icon Sleeve for 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display - Black / Slate

by Incase

SKU: CL60518

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Incase Icon Sleeve for 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display - Black / Slate is the latest design of MacBook sleeve made to protect your 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Incase Icon Sleeve for 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display is the improved version of the Incase neoprene sleeve which has been the most popular MacBook sleeve ever made.  Like the neoprene sleeve Incase Icon sleeve is made with layers of premium neoprene a fur line interior walls for comple protection.  Incase Icon Sleeve for 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display is most recognizable differerent with a a magnetic snap closure for easy access and to avoid scratches from zippers.  The outside of the sleeve is made with the innovative TENSAERLITE technology that creates an impact absorption and lightweight bumper frame. Incase Icon Sleeve for 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display is also available in gray / lumen

  • TENSAERLITE impact absorption and protective frame
  • Magnetic snap closure with no zippers
  • Layers of premium neoprene material
  • Streamlines construction
  • Premium look and feel


15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display

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Product Reviews

  1. Works For Me

    Posted by Todd on

    I used an MBA before picking up an rMBP, and this is the first sleeve I've ever purchased.

    From looking at pictures, there seemed to be adequate edge and corner protection, and upon receiving the sleeve, I was not disappointed. The fur interior is a nice touch as well. I use an Incase Campus backpack, and when I put my bag down on a hard floor I dented a corner on my MBA once. It wasn't bad, but it was noticeable. I haven't drop tested my rMBP with this sleeve, but I feel like if I dropped it from about 2-3 feet, the computer would not have any dents.

    For those who prefer having pockets on their sleeves, this has none, so you may want to look elsewhere. This sleeve is most likely for those who want slim but adequate protection for their computer and don't use hard shells. It seems that the sleeve can stretch to fit a computer with a hard shell attached, but my rMBP doesn't have one. The sleeve fits snugly in the computer compartment of my backpack, which is rated for up to 15" computers, so for most 15" backpacks you probably won't need to worry about the sleeve making your computer too big to fit.

    The magnetic closure is secure and stays in place. A zipper closure may scratch the edges of the computer from movement of the zipper, but with this sleeve that's essentially impossible.

    However, compared to a zipper closure, which normally allows opening of about 1/2 of the entire sleeve, this magnetic closure only opens up one of the shorter edges of the sleeve. This may translate into taking more time to put the computer into the sleeve, but that time is probably made up in closing the sleeve since it pretty much closes itself. You would need to fumble with the zipper on a zipper sleeve and if in a rush may break the zipper off its track - another possibility prevented by the magnetic closure.

    The price is a little high, but I got a discount coupon from outfitYOURS for signing up on their newsletter, which was the biggest reason I decided to go ahead and purchase the sleeve.