Incase Icon Sleeve for 11" MacBook Air - Gray / Lumen

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Incase Icon Sleeve for 11" MacBook Air Gray / Lumen is the latest design of MacBook sleeve made to protect your 11" MacBook Air. Incase Icon Sleeve for 11" Air is the improved version of the Incase neoprene sleeve which has been the most popular MacBook sleeve ever made.  Like the neoprene sleeve Incase Icon sleeve is made with layers of premium neoprene a fur line interior walls for comple protection.  Incase Icon Sleeve for 11" MacBook  Air is most recognizable differerent with a a magnetic snap closure for easy access and to avoid scratches from zippers.  The outside of the sleeve is made with the innovative TENSAERLITE technology that creates an impact absorption and lightweight bumper frame. Incase Icon Sleeve for 11" MacBook Air is also available in gray / fluro.>

  • TENSAERLITE impact absorption and protective frame
  • Magnetic snap closure with no zippers
  • Layers of premium neoprene material
  • Streamlines construction
  • Premium look and feel
  • Black / slate color combination


11" MacBook Air