Hex X Supra Cora Case for iPhone 4 / 4S - Black

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At HEX not even a phone case is just a phone case. Our Collaborative SUPRA Core Case for iPhone 4/4S will, of course, give you increased protection for your phone, but it will do it from a custom molded phone bed with camera hole, wrapped in SUPRA’s proprietary SUPRATUF® material which they use to protect their shoes from liquids and wear. SUPRATUF is a high abrasion resistance technology, which has been tested with the Taber Abrasion Meter. The Taber measures abrasion in cycles. Regular suede breaks down after only 25-40 cycles. Suede treated with SUPRATUF can withstand more than 200 cycles before abrading. Limited Edition.

Camera holeCamera hole
Improves protectionImproves protection


iPhone 4 / 4S (all models)