Griffin Wise Eyes Folio for iPad mini - Pink

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Carry your tablet like a personal notebook. This one-piece folio flips open like a book to reveal your display, and closes for privacy and protection. The Wise Eyes folio protects your tablet while you are carrying it, but it doesnt stop working when you get where you are going. Flip the cover around and lock it in back to turn the folio into an adjustable 3-position stand. The folio holds your tablet upright in either portrait or landscape orientation for reading and viewing pictures. For drawing, tapping and typing, turn it over and lay it down in a comfortably inclined landscape position. The Wise Eyes folio has a durable, colorful outer finish decorated with a flock of stylized owls. Inside, the folio frames your tablet and grips it securely.

  • One-piece folio design
  • Opens like a book, flips closed to protect
  • Supports your tablet in upright portrait position, and two landscape positions, upright and inclined


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