Griffin PowerJolt SE Amp for iPad, iPhone, and iPod - Black

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Plug into the cigarette lighter or accessory socket in your car's dashboard or console and charge your iPod or iPhone while you travel.

An LED ring lights up to show that PowerJolt is receiving power and is ready to charge. 2-amp output level means fastest possible charging for your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Built-in circuit protection keeps power at safe levels.

Griffin Technology began designing and manufacturing technical solutions with an innovative flair in 1992. They have since grown to become one of the largest providers of accessories for personal computing and digital media. Griffin's approach has given birth to some of the best known accessories in the digital entertainment and personal computer markets, including the iTrip family of FM transmitters and the groundbreaking Evolve Wireless Sound System. Today, Griffin designs, manufactures and delivers useful and fun solutions for digital entertainment and personal computing to people in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, through major retailers and online.


  • Charge iPod or iPhone from 12V cigarette lighter or accessory socket
  • Integrated, one-piece cable design; nothing to misplace
  • LED power indicator
  • 2-amp capacity for fastest possible charging
  • Built-in circuit protection


  • iPad 1G 9.7" (16/32/64GB)
  • iPhone 1G (4/8GB)
  • iPhone 3G (8/16GB)
  • iPhone 3G S (16/32GB)
  • iPhone 4 (16/32GB)
  • iPod classic 6G (160GB) Sept 2007
  • iPod classic 6G (80/120/160GB)
  • iPod nano 4G (8/16GB)
  • iPod nano 5G (8/16GB)
  • iPod nano 6G (8/16GB)
  • iPod touch 1G (8/16/32GB)
  • iPod touch 2G (8/16/32GB)
  • iPod touch 3G (32/64GB)
  • iPod touch 4G (8/32/64GB)