Griffin PowerDuo 10W Universal Charger - Black

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The Griffin PowerDuo's AC and DC chargers deliver 10 watts of charging power for iPad, iPhone, and iPod, and other tablets and USB charging devices. Engineered to save energy while not in use, the PowerDuo keeps your power bill down without sacrificing performance. The PowerDuo package combines our best-selling PowerBlock AC charger and PowerJolt 12-volt auto charger in one convenient bundle. PowerDuo uses the cable that came with your device. Just plug it into either charger's USB port.

  • Both chargers deliver fast 10-watt charging for all USB-chargeable devices PowerBlock AC Charger
  • Engineered to save energy while not in use, without sacrificing performance
  • Non-polarized fold-flat prongs travel well in your luggage
  • Works with 100- to 240-volt AC outlets PowerJolt DC Car Charger
  • A USB charging port for your dashboard or console
  • Built-in circuit protection
  • Works in all kinds of 12 volt vehicle accessory outlets


All iPhone models
All iPad models
All iPod touch models