Griffin PowerBlock Travle Charger Adapter with Lightning Cable - White / Black

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PowerBlock, with included Lightning connector cable, is the ultra-small, energy-saving charger for iOS devices. Connect this charger to the Lightning connector of iPad, iPhone or iPod using the included detachable cable.

This low-profile wall charger works in any AC outlet from 100 to 240 volts, and is optimized to deliver fast, safe charging levels for iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

Product Features: 

  • 100 to 240 volt AC charger for iPad, iPhone, and iPod in a compact, space-saving design
  • Non-polarized blades fit most outlets and power strips, and fold flat for travel 
  • Includes detachable Lightning connector cable for charging and syncing 
  • Engineered to charge at the fastest rate possible for iPad and iPhone 
  • Delivers 12 watts of charging power: 5 volts at 2.4 amps